pixel - the word is based on a contraction of pix ("pictures") and el (for "element"); similar formations with el for "element" include the words: voxel and texel. In digital imaging, a pixel (or picture element) is a single point in a raster image. The pixel is the smallest addressable screen element, it is the smallest unit of picture which can be controlled.

freestyle - (intransitive) To improvise one's own style;
(third-person singular simple present freestyles, present participle freestyling, simple past and past participle freestyled)

All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth! Richard Avedon, 1923


pixelfreestyle occupies themself with photography, picture editing and everything behind since 2005.
Since 2008 also the medium Video is part of its work.

work is intuitively
all do's have to be fun
the respective photo rules are known and violated knowingly
likeable Amateur and Profi musicians / artists will be supported
authentic Models also Newcomer are welcome
challenges are wanted
learning day by day
forgetting hour by hour
the network is growing

pixelfreestyle is an uncommercial Project - a Hobby.
None of the photographies is perfect and this shall not be changed in future!

I don't give a fuck about culture. Helmut Newton, 2004